10 Hidden European Spots

Thanks to Huffpost Travel – beautiful.

Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

This historic town in central Bulgaria is popular with Bulgarians themselves. Young couples tend to come here for local food, and a dose of clean air and relaxation, according to Booking.com. Lonely Planet calls it a “giant open-air museum.”

Gjirokastër, Albania

The town in southern Albania features UNESCO-anointed architecture typical of the Ottoman period, which means that it’s pretty old and pretty pretty. Come here for culture; stay for the food.

Sibiu, Romania

This pedestrian-friendly town, popular with Romanians, was once named a European Capital of Culture.

Nová Lesná, Slovakia

Rooms come cheap in this northern town, which is known among eastern Europeans for its plethora of outdoor activities. (Think hiking and downhill skiing.)

Novi Sad, Serbia

Come here in July for Serbia’s biggest music festival, the EXIT Festival. Stay for budget-friendly accommodations, friendly people and killer shopping.

Klodzko, Poland

According to Booking.com, solo travelers love to come here for the history and sightseeing. P.S. It’s often referred to as “Little Prague.”

Zarasai, Lithuania

Right near Latvia sits the adorable town of Zarasai. Here, visitors can enjoy loads of nature with lakes ripe for fishing and boating. It’s a popular spot for Russians, Italians and native Lithuanians, too.

Reguengos de Monsaraz, Portugal

The Portuguese flock to this tranquil town that boasts killer food and wine. There are castles and nature, too.

Los Cancajos, Spain

The tourist resort on Canarian island of La Palma is ideal for travelers who want to chill on the beach or go diving.

Myrties, Greece

So you want to go to Greece, obviously, but head off the beaten path just a smidge to Myrties, a settlement on the Dodecanese island of Kalymnos. There you’ll find a relatively-undiscovered, quiet beach retreat on an island famed for climbing. (P.S. The area is great for scuba diving, too.)

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