Simplify Travel With the Small Things

Source: HuffPost Travel

When Mother Theresa said, “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies,” she was certainly not talking about our carry-on bags. That said, between luggage restrictions and limited cabin space, we need to be conscious of the size of each and every item that accompanies us on a trip. In our search for the perfect intersection of size and functionality we have located some pint-sized pieces that overcompensate for their diminutive dimensions.

Drive HD DashCam CDR 900 by Cobra
This small dashboard camera records all the details of your drive and lets you share footage via your smartphone. Let the folks back home enjoy the beautiful countryside, tiny hilltop villages, and gorgeous coast roads right along with you.

Tylt Energi+ Power Backpack

A power backpack with built-in 10,400 mAh battery, the Tylt Energi+ charges 3 devices at the same time. It features pass-throughs for cables, dedicated compartments for your laptop and tablet, lined pockets for phones and glasses, and plenty of space for all your other gear.

WorldSim Orbizz Dual Sim Phone

Make and receive calls anywhere with an unlocked dual SIM Android phone that works in over 175 countries. The prepaid SIM is easily topped up, and dual UK and USA numbers receive free incoming calls in over 90 countries. Data is supported in over 135 countries.

WorldSim Tri-Fi

Connect up to 10 gadgets at once with a pay-as-you-go pocket-sized mobile hotspot with worldwide data SIM card. It also does double duty as a charger for your phone or tablet, and triple duty as a storage device.

Epson WorkForce WF-100 Portable Color Printer

Wherever work takes you, be ready for your next presentation or interview with the world’s lightest and smallest wireless mobile printer. The WorkForce WF-100 connects via WiFi to your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Ibattz BattStation Optimus

Power up two devices at once with this 20,400 mAh compact charger. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablets, the BattStation Optimus will charge a phone up to 8 times.

Sony SmartWatch 3

Compatible with Android phones (like the Sony Xperia Z3v) this incredible watch provides useful information at a glance from hundreds of available apps, tracks your fitness, and also responds to voice commands.

Flight 001 Power Cube

Expand the number of outlets and the charging capacity in your hotel room with this compact cube that offers 4 grounded power outlets and two USB ports.


Whether you are taking a photo, reading in transit, or presenting in a boardroom, you can keep a firm hand on your tablet with this secure suction cup grip. It rotates 360 to change viewing angles, and folds flat to fit in a case or sleeve.


If you are watching a movie or checking email in bright sunlight the iShade by OrigamiPlastics is there to keep glare at bay. It also prevents nosy seatmates from peeking at your computer screen while flying! Varying sizes available for laptops and tablets.

XShot Selfie Stick

Why trust a stranger to take a decent picture of you and your partner? A high-tech camera extender with Bluetooth remote, the XShot keeps you in control of your travel photos. Interchangeable heads hold your phone, camera, or GoPro.


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