JetComfy – the Best Travel Pillow Ever?

Flying economy class is a necessary evil for serial trekkers like me and of course we all know that the best way to utilise the flight time is to nap your way through it. But if you don’t have a budget for the luxuriously wide reclining seats in first class – and let’s face it, who of us does?! – how can you ensure you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go instead of doubled up in agony with the inevitable stiff neck?

You could inflate an awkwardly sweat-inducing pillow, play Twister and jam your cheek between seat and bulkhead or sit tight and hope to hell you don’t slowly collapse dribbling on to your neighbour’s face.

Alternatively, you could help the JetComfy on Kickstarter get funded.

JetComfy is about half the size of one of those annoying inflatable jobs but tucked away inside is a lightweight telescopic aluminium arm with a clamp and velcro strap on the other end that attaches to your seat-rest. Extend the arm, angle the pillow and rest the side of your head against the cushion. Nap mode activated.

Looking forward to trying it out..!

JetComfy - Best Travel Pillow Ever with 16 Features project video thumbnail


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