Finally! Expedia to show customers all hidden extras up front during plane bookings making it easier to compare the REAL costs of each flight

Excellent news!  Thanks again to MailOnline for this. – Ned

Booking a cheap flight can be a confusing process – after finding the least expensive option online, the price is then hiked up by various added extras.

Once you’ve landed at your destination, often the most expensive ticket can seem better value for money once the cost of hold luggage, in-flight drinks and airport taxes have been totted up.

But now one comparison site is hoping to put an end to this, by showing all of the hidden extras in its airfare search results.

Expedia has overhauled its US website, so customers are shown the variations on each flight option before booking, making it easier to spot any hidden extras

Expedia has announced that it is making significant improvements on its US site to show users what is included in each airline fare.

For example, an Easyjet basic seat would show that no hold luggage, seat options, drinks or food is included in the price.

A British Airways flight would be likely to show that snacks, alcoholic drinks and hold luggage were all included in the up-front price.

Greg Schulz, senior vice president of global tour and transport at Expedia, told Mashable: ‘We will show you what the cheapest option is, but similar to what we do with hotels, we’ll show you the variations on that option.’

When booking a flight, customers can compare the extras on each flight like free hold luggage to make it easier to work out the real value of a plane ticket 

When booking a flight, customers can compare the extras on each flight like free hold luggage to make it easier to work out the real value of a plane ticket

He continued: ‘For example, for just another $30 (£20), you can receive these five additional things.

‘For an extra $200 (£130) you can have a first class experience.’

The company hopes that the changes will make it easier for customers to pick the perfect fit in terms of price and added extras.

As well as comparing different airlines, the site will also show the added extras gained by switching between Economy, Business and First Class

Andy Washington, Managing Director of the Expedia brand in the UK, said: ‘As a global industry leader we have a wealth of insights we can draw on and we want to share this with our customers in a way which can help them to get great deals for their individual needs.

‘We are continually reappraising our services, listening to feedback from our customers and looking for new ways to make it easier for people to find and book the best holiday options for them.

‘We believe that this suite of new flight products will really help to cut through the complexity of today’s travel market and we look forward to rolling out these new services to the UK soon.’

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