New glass-bottom bridge offers incredible view

This tourist attraction is bound to get your heart pumping! – Ned

A huge 164-foot high glass footbridge is now open to the public in Taiwan and is causing even the sturdiest legs to tremble.

The Republic has opened a glass bottomed bridge hovering 288 feet above a picturesque valley giving spectacular views, not only across to the other side, but also for those brave enough to look down through the glass floor.

Civil servant Hanson Mao, 35, was able to snap these pictures of members of the public using the bridge for the first time in Nantou, Taiwan.

A new glass-bottomed bridge has become an instant hit with thrill-seeking tourists after opening in Nantou, Taiwan 

Observers suggest that glass-bottomed bridges are currently “en vogue” in Asia.

There is also a 590 foot high glass-bottomed suspension bridge in Hunan, central China.

Stretching almost 1,000 feet long, the glass suspension bridge is named Haohan Qiao, translating in English to “Brave Men’s Bridge” – and it’s not hard to see why.

The bridge was originally wooden until its conversion using glass panes 24mm thick and 25 times stronger than normal glass.

China also has plans for another glass-bottomed suspension bridge in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon area, about 185 northwest of Shiniuzhai.

When completed, it will be the world’s highest and longest glass bridge at over 1,400 feet long (426.72m) and 985 feet (300.23m) high.

According to reports, several visitors were so terrified that they could barely move. Some were seen holding on to each other as well as to the railings as they made the crossing.

A glass elevator has also opened at a scenic site in Hubei, central China, allowing visitors to reach the peak of the mountain quicker. It is situated next to a cliff-face and is a staggering 3,543 feet above sea level. The spectacular structure, situated in the province of Huna, was the first of its kind in the world.

Glass-bottomed walkways are having something of a moment in Asia right now, with several cropping up across the continent 

A 590ft high glass-bottomed suspension bridge in Hunan, central ChinaTianmen Mountain in China glass path sky walk


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