The hotel where snacks, toiletries and HANGOVER CURES can all be ordered using emojis

This is just the best idea.

An American hotel chain is making life that little bit easier for those travellers who are too tired (or lazy) to talk, with the launch of a new emoji service called Text it, Get it.

Each room in the Manhattan-based Aloft Hotel will have a menu of six emoji packages you can order from.

To do this you simply text a few select emojis – along with your name and room number- to the hotel.

Guests will then receive a confirmation and their order will follow shortly.

The hotel began offering the services - that will be available if ordered by emoji - this morning in Manhattan

The hotel which is offering services via emoji is situated in Manhattan

For guests suffering the effects of a big night out, they can text the water droplet, pill and banana emojis for the $10 (£6.50) ‘Hangover Package’, made up of two bottles of Vitamin Water, Advil and a couple of bananas.

By stringing together emojis of a chocolate bar, lollipop and cookie, for $10 (£6.50) you will have ordered the ‘Munchies’ package. This features a bottle of Coca-Cola, a Snickers bar, a packet of Doritos and a chocolate brownie.

A phone plus a two pin plug will get you a phone charger delivered for $25 (£16).

The Text it Get it system consists of six packages

The Text it Get it system consists of six packages

Other packages include the ‘Re:Fresh’, comprising a toothbrush, toothpaste, a razor, shaving foam and deodorant; the ‘Sightseer’, which is a $10 MetroCard, a city map and two drinks at the hotel bar; and the ‘Surprise Me’ box – which is describe as ‘fun swag and cool stuff’ for $25 (£16).

Although the service is only currently available at Aloft in Manhattan Downtown, it could soon expand to Europe, Asia and the rest of the U.S.

Love it!  ❤


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