From the Travel Mail: great travel tips.


loads of suitcases

1. Keep it simple

The nicer your luggage, the more irresistible it’s going to be to a thief. Play it safe, choose a less flashy bag and the chances of it being ‘accidentally’ picked up by the wrong person are much lower.

2. Avoid an identity crisis

Make sure no-one picks up your lookalike bag by mistake.

Here are a few suggestions: tie a bright red scarf around the handle; attach sticky labels everywhere and mark your name on them with highlighters (the brighter the better); buy a colourful luggage strap to wrap around your bags (there are several brands available) or get creative with some neon duct tape. Believe us, thieves will avoid your work of art in favour of something more discreet.

3. Avoid flashy padlocksbright green padlock

A big and bright green flashy padlock attached to your suitcase will not avoid it getting lost. On the contrary, once you have checked it in and it’s out of your sight for hours that padlock will draw too much attention to your case.

Don’t make it look like you are carrying something valuable and your suitcase will most likely go unnoticed.

4. Your phone is your best friend

Before falling asleep in a taxi, ask the driver how long the ride should take and set up an alarm on your phone to wake you up with the word ’luggage’ in capital letters. When it goes off, you may be a bit drowsy but, there is no way you will leave your suitcase behind.

5. Check your luggage labels

luggage labelsAfter you’ve checked in your suitcase, the airline attendant sends it off and you’re ready to begin your holiday. But just before you reach for that Pina Colada, ask to quickly check that your luggage label ID matches your flight number and destination – human errors can happen.

Checking now could save lots of pain later. And don’t lose it – sticking the label slip to your passport is a good way to keep hold of it.

6. Divide and conquer

If you’re not travelling alone, one way to minimise the pain of lost luggage is by dividing your belongings between suitcases.

7. Be prepared for any lost luggage eventuality

Although it feels a little over the top, researching and printing out the contact numbers for the airline is a good way to minimise the stress when you land at your destination and find your luggage is on holiday somewhere else.

The baggage handlers at the airport are there to help you, but relocating your luggage and getting it back to you is the responsibility of the airline.

8. Listen to your motherMum always right mug

You may not want to admit it, but your mother was right. Never, ever stash important documents – cash, credit cards etc – in your luggage.

9. Get technology on your case

A simple luggage tracker, like TRACE ME, which integrates with the worldwide airline baggage system to identify your bag even if you lose your luggage tags.

Smart luggage tags with microchips embedded in them, like the ReboundTag.

Or how about the ultimate in luggage protection systems, Bag2Go? This amazing system actually embeds a satellite tracker in your case and communicates with an app in your smartphone so you’ll always know exactly where your precious is hiding.


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