Crazy-Easy Rainbow Sangria

Love love LOVE this laid-back idea for a long slow dreamy summer’s evening.  Thanks to Ali on GimmeSomeOven.

Easy Rainbow Sangria | #drinks #vegan #glutenfree

“Yes, yes, I know that the fruit-to-wine ratio in these photos is much higher than usual.  And that was the first comment from my friends, after they ooohed and ahhhed over the color.  But you know what?  We just kept an extra bottle of white wine handy, and refilled the glasses when someone wanted theirs topped off.

But I served the drinks with straws and spoons, and everyone had a great time using both!  I intentionally chose all immediately-edible fruit for this recipe (instead of lime or lemon wedges, etc.) so that the drink would be easy to enjoy – and my friends did just that.  And loved it.

I also chose not to muddle the fruit, but instead poured the drinks about 30 minutes before my friends came and let them rest in the fridge for a bit so that the flavors could meld, which actually worked really well.  But if you don’t mind the colors bleeding together, muddle away so that you can taste even more fruity goodness with that wine.

All in all, everyone gave the sangria a big thumbs up on flavor and presentation.  Which was awesome, because they truly did not take long to make.  Which means I will absolutely be making them again soon.  Which makes this color-obsessed, sangria-loving, quick-recipe-making food blogger extra happy.

Cheers, friends!”




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