The world’s most extreme tourist attractions revealed

Most people like to do something a bit wild on holiday: a spot of surfing perhaps or skiing a red run.

But for those who want a genuine adrenaline rush, the activities below ought to keep them happy.

A new infographic reveals the most blood-pumping, heart-pounding adventures out there, from bungee jumping into a volcano to camping on cliff faces and “horse boarding” to cycling Bolivia’s “Death Road” (which I’ve done – see the pic to prove it!)

ned-on-death-road-boliviaThe infographic has been produced by TravelSupermarket and claims to offer something to suit everyone, even the most demanding thrill-seeker.

But it needn’t cost a fortune: the cheapest experience is just £8 ($10) riding the Mieders Alpine Rollercoaster in Austria, where you’ll rush down a track at speeds of up to 40kph, taking in 40 hairpin bends and dropping 640 vertical metres.

Just £20 ($25) buys you a SCAD diving experience in Soweto, South Africa, where you’ll freefall backwards 50m (165 feet) – no bungee rope or parachute – and reaching up to 100kph.

But if money and bravery are no object, try the world’s most expensive (and some would say crazy) bungee jump – from a helicopter skid bar into the crater of Chile’s still active Villarrica volcano.  If you survive that (and paying the bill – a whopping $16,000), you’ll get to spend five nights in a five-star luxury hotel – and get a teeshirt to boot; so all in all extreme value then!

“Obviously, some of these adventures are not for the faint-hearted,” says Emma Coulthurst from TravelSupermarket.  “But sometimes it’s good to get a little bit out of your comfort zone.  And one thing’s for sure – you’ll definitely have a holiday to remember!”

So, if you fancy lake bombing, cliff camping and generally taking on the most challenging activities in the world, this is definitely the list for you…!

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