Finally, someone’s invented the head hammock so you might finally get some damn sleep on the plane.  Sure, it looks ridiculous; but if it helps us finally get some decent shut-eye at 35,000 feet then we don’t really care!

The Nod Travel Pillow easily reached its Kickstarter $20,000 goal within a couple of weeks and then exceeded it by shedloads, raising over $300,000 to date!  Production is now underway and I for one am looking forward immensely to testing it out…


Someone's invented a head-hammock so you can finally get some damn sleep on the plane

The dream is real (Picture: Rex)

Because, as we all know, those neck pillows are next to useless – also, don’t talk to me about people who wear them around the airport – and being endlessly jolted awake every time your chin hits your chest is really not fun.

If you’ve ever sat on a 12-hour flight, in darkness, willing yourself to sleep and thinking there must be a better way, then this is for you.

Life is like a neck pillow, comfortable for a little while, then finally uncomfortable without warning.

— Zachary Haube (@HOBBST3N) August 7, 2016


Introducing the NodPod, aka the head hammock and the answer to your prayers.

It recreates how you sleep in bed (with your head at a 90 degree angle) but in an upright position, so you can nap on the go. And there’s no risk of being jolted awake, or inadvertently head-butting your neighbour.

Maybe don’t wear it while driving though.

CREDIT: NodPod/Rex Shutterstock. Editorial use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by NodPod/REX/Shutterstock (5830015e) The NodPod travel sleep aid NodPod travel sleep aid - Aug 2016 WORDS: Many people this Summer will have experienced the drowsy head-nod associated with napping while travelling. However, a new head-hammock called the NodPod looks set to end your dozing woes. Kentucky-based Paula Blankenship says she created the U.S. patented NodPod after years and years of traveling for work and never being able to get good rest on long journeys, leaving you "tired and with aches and pains". YOUTUBE:

Also, wear a seatbelt. You know what? We don’t believe this car is moving (Picture: Rex)

The patented ‘Over The Top’ design keeps your head from falling forward, as well as left and right.

It works on all types of seats – planes, trains, automobiles and, yep, office chairs. And, don’t worry, the cord is designed so that it doesn’t obstruct the view the passenger behind you has of their TV screen (so you won’t be rudely awakened by the guy in 23C having an apoplectic fit).

The head hammock was created by Paula Blankenship from Kentucky, after years and years of sleepless travel for work.

Head-hammocks are the future of travel sleep

Why is she awake goddamn it? (Picture: Rex)

Check it out on Kickstarter now.  And then you too could achieve the impossible dream…




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