The 12 Best Travel Sites and Apps You Need Right Now

Planning just got WAY easier!

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start organising your next life-changing trip. But with so many options to choose from and so little time to plan, you’re going to need some assistance.

Behold the 2017 update of 12 of our favourite travel sites and associated apps, popular with travel bloggers and backpackers alike, these handpicked by Suzy Strutner, Associate Lifestyle Editor at The Huffington Post.  They will take care of every part of the process, from finding the cheapest flight to planning your day-to-day activities, along with needs you didn’t even know you had. Check ’em out:

Sygic Travel

You’ll get (happily) lost in this mesmerizing map, which lays out attractions by city. Click on each one for a description and a list of tours you can book on the spot.


What’s the most efficient way to get from Wichita to Thailand? Whether by plane, train or city bus, Rome2Rio gives you every possible option for travel from point A to point B.


Utrip is the personal concierge you’ve always wanted, but never wanted to pay for. Tell the site your destination, budget, and how much you care about factors like dining, history, shopping, and saving money. Then, watch it create a day-by-day itinerary tailored to your interests.


While Utrip excels at planning activities, TripHobo lets you plan flights and book hotels, along with suggestions for your day-by-day schedule. Use both sites to plan your trip to a T.


For those that prefer a more DIY approach to activity planning, Foursquare offers a way to find out what people love in a given town. Make your search as specific as you like — glass noodles on a patio in Miami, for example — and scroll through a neat, tidy list of user-generated photos and reviews. It’s like Yelp, without the page-long rants.


Travel bloggers rave about this visually pleasing search engine, which sorts flights by price, travel time and bang for your buck, using all the toggling options you could ever want to find the best deal.


Looking to avoid another boring stop at McDonald’s on your drive? Plug in your road trip for an interactive map of restaurants, attractions, hotels, natural wonders and “weird stuff” along your route.


Getting flakey friends to commit to group trips can be tough. But they won’t be able to resist the pull of WeTravel, which lets you make a beautiful landing page for your trip with all the details. Send your link to potential travel buddies, then collect a deposit online to confirm that they’re coming along for the fun.

Google Flights

You just can’t list the best travel sites without mentioning the many perks of Google Flights. Perhaps its best feature is the explorable map, which shows flight prices from your home airport to destinations around the world. Take your pick!


Never accidentally book a seat without a TV again: SeatGuru maps out every seat on your plane with details on each one’s entertainment options, legroom measurements and special considerations, like seats that fail to recline or are way too close to the lavatory.


This nifty airplane location tracker is most helpful for planning your trip to the airport: Search your flight number to see real-time delays, gate swaps and changes to your estimated arrival time. You can also track a friend’s flight before picking them up, or check a flight’s on-time record to avoid booking those with frequent delays.


Like a personal assistant, TripIt keeps details for your flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurant reservations and other travel plans in one clean, convenient place, so you can access them with ease.






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