Can you name the locations of these amazing views from plane windows?

Here’s a bit of summer fun from the Telegraph.  I got twelve – how many can you guess?  😉

Few sights are more impressive than planet Earth from a plane window. But how easily can you recognise cities, mountains and countries from the sky? We’ve devised the following quiz to put your knowledge to the test and mark what it is expected to be the busiest day in history for flights to and from UK airports (that’s July 21st).

For those that often find themselves wondering which town, lake or river they are flying over, there’s actually an app with the answers. Flyover Country provides information on points of interest below, and, so long as users input their flight path before takeoff, does not require the purchase of expensive Wi-Fi access.

Once you’re done answering our questions, you might want to try some of our other deviously difficult quizzes. We’ve looked at island outlines, the myths of air travelBritain’s seaside resortsobscure capitalscities from above, and the world’s most famous paintings, to name but a few.

(Answers at the bottom of the page!)

1.  Which Middle Eastern city, home to more than 1.3 million people, is this?

  • Jeddah  –  Doha  –  Dubai  –  Abu Dhabi?

2.  This one’s easy – no clue required!

  • Budapest  –  Paris  –  Prague  –  London?

3.  Which country is home to this iconic mountain?

  • Japan  –  Ecuador  –  Chile  –  Tanzania?

4.  Which exotic destination is this?

  • Maldives  –  Seychelles  – St Lucia  –  Fiji?

5.  This island is a little less exotic.  Can you name it?

  • Skye  –  Isle of Man  –  Isle of Wight  –  Jersey?

6.  Which European city is this?

  • Malaga  –  San Sebastian  –  Barcelona  –  Valencia?

7.  What country are we flying low over?

  • Australia  –  France  –  Morocco  –  Oman?

8.  Do you recognise this US city?

  • Seattle  –  Houston  –  Las Vegas  –  Los Angeles?

9.  Where is this airport located?

  • Bali  –  Bermuda  –  Borneo  –  Barbados?

10.  Which country is this?

  • Sweden  –  China  –  Mexico  –  Vietnam?

11.  There’s no mistaking this tourist hotspot: what is it?

  • Cape Town  –  Shanghai  –  Venice  –  Rome?

12.  Which city is this?

  • Miami  –  New Orleans  –  Baltimore  –  New York?

13.  Can you name this country?

  • Russia  –  South Africa  –  Spain  –  New Zealand?

14.  Where’s this impressive bridge?

  • Scotland  –  San Francisco  –  Sydney  –  Hong Kong?

15.  And finally, which country is this?

  • Ethiopia  –  Iceland  –  Turkey  –  United States?



  1. Doha
  2. London
  3. Japan
  4. Maldives
  5. Isle of Wight
  6. Barcelona
  7. France
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Bermuda
  10. Vietnam
  11. Venice
  12. Miami
  13. New Zealand
  14. Hong Kong
  15. United States






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