The BEST Places To ACTUALLY See The Northern Lights

A shorter view from the trektastic Gilbert Ott at the newly-refurbished and excellent God Save the Points.

Aurora Borealis, which is latin for “holy **** those lights look incredible”, or something along those lines, is a mesmerizing natural light phenomenon. Commonly known as the Northern Lights, they’ve become the obsession of countless travellers braving the weather, vying for a glimpse at the neon impressionist style light show sponsored by nature, swirling through the sky in ways that are hard to imagine without taking hallucinogenics. If you’re in search, here are your best bets to actually see them…

Abisko, Sweden…

Two words: ice hotel. Two more words: northern lights. For a variety of reasons, mainly extreme darkness and a very remote location, 75 miles from main civilization, you can find the dazzling displays on an almost nightly basis during peak season, which is end of September-March by the way.

Yellowknife, Canada

Who knew you didn’t have to visit Europe to hit the Aurora? Yellowknife, high up in Canada’s northwest territories is a booming spot for Aurora Borealis activity and there are parks catering solely to the winter magic. Limited flight connectivity may make for a longer journey than a direct flight to Iceland, but just head northwest and you’ll be there soon enough. It’s worth it.

Lapland, Finland…

The northernmost territory in Finland offers the perfect conditions for an encounter with the magic of the Northern Lights. If you’re loaded, spring for the Hotel Kakslauttanen which offers panoramic views of the sky from the comfort of bed, wherever you go you stand an amazing chance of a sighting…

Akrafjall, Iceland…

The only thing better than an amazing picture of the Aurora is getting an epic snow capped mountain or lighthouse in there. Western Iceland gets some of the clearest skies, which mean the very best sightings, and it’s just a mere 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik to many top spots. Live the dream near the city near the blinding northern lights…

Tromsø, Norway…

Tromsø is nothing short of epic. A thriving cultural town, incredible fjords off in the distance and some of the most vibrant light activity, even occasionally from within the city limits make for a magical getaway. Peak light activity is found between October and March, with March being the most popular. The good thing about Tromsø is that even if you miss the lights, you get an amazing destination anyway, but spend seven days there and you’re almost guaranteed.





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